Nitra Bus Station

Nitra bus station underwent extensive renovation. The new long-distant bus terminal represents the second phase of this project. As such it was important to ensure it communicated visually with the adjacent local bus terminal. At the same time, its innovative design ensured it is a compact and enticing structure that uniquely combines aesthetic boldness with technical ingenuity. Putting user comfort first, the designers from Egoé studio decided to find a way to shelter the whole of the station and integrate all the utilities into the structure. A system was devised of connected skillion roofs which allows for large surfaces to be sheltered under one continuous roof. Nitra is a showcase of work principles of Egoé studio. It is always important to come with the best possible solution even under tight budgets. Out of the spotlight of metropolises, smaller towns also deserve to have modern, interesting transport terminals that people will use with pride.


Egoé studio

Arriva Nitra, a.s.

Year of completion

Nitra, Slovakia

Lukáš Pelech

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