Kids baby bed

The simple design makes the kid’s baby bed a very light and timeless favorite. A minimalist, solid wood frame forms a strong base. The baby bed is encircled by a special knitted fabric that makes the piece lightweight and underpins the airy feel. High quality wheels and the light weight make our baby bed mobile and flexible. Disassembled into just a few elements, it is also easy to transport as a spare travel crib thanks to its flat packing size. The small size and the soft fabric of the baby bed create a sheltered nest where your newborn will feel secure and can sleep undisturbed. The fabric is made entirely of recycled polyester (PES). It is washable at 40°C or 60°C to ensure optimum hygiene. The shape and contour of the baby bed are created using fabric, with almost one hundred percent material efficiency. The kid’s baby bed is GScertified (“Tested Safety”). Parents have the option to rent the kid’s baby bed. This saves money, storage space at home, and, above all, valuable resources.


Radinger Stefan


Year of completion

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