Kamenitza Park Office Building, Plovdiv

The office building in Kamenitza Park complex, is a modern and energy-efficient solution, covering the requirements of local investors willing to develop their business in Plovdiv. It consists of a total of 10,500 m² built-up area, distributed on 8 floors, and one underground level. The facade is a combination of the suspended glass facade and suspended natural stone, giving a memorable appearance to the building. The hanging facade of the building is designed with high-grade aluminum profiles and glass doors with extremely low heat transfer coefficient and high light transmittance values. The central location of the site makes it easy to access eighter with a car, bicycle, or public transport.


SGI Architects & Masterplanners

Kamenitza Office Park Ad

Year of completion

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Total area
10.500 m2

Alexandar Todorov

Project Partners

PM Project Management EOOD

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