Intergenerational center Embroidery Bled

The Intergenerational Center Embroidery Bled is designed as a multifunctional public facility for cultural and social activities of the municipality of Bled. Under its roof, it combines the premises of a library, a day center for the elderly, and a set of multi-purpose halls, clubs, and study rooms. With its content and image, the new center preserves the memory of the former Embroidery Bled factory, which was an important part of the industrial and cultural heritage of Bled. The placement of the building on the site forms an entrance platform in front of the building and an internal square with a children’s playground at the back side as an outdoor public space for the diverse activities of the cultural center. The architectural concept is based on the establishment of a characteristic image of the building in the space and the creation of a harmonious and natural interior ambiance. The choice of wood as the basic material for the building is also reflected in the structural design, which is entirely made of cross-glued wooden panels. The facade cladding is designed from perforated larch boards with an abstracted pattern of one of the embroideries produced by the factory in the past, thus establishing a lasting memory of the former Vezenine Bled factory.


Gužič Trplan architects d.o.o.; Gužič Trplan Mojca, Gregor Trplan

Year of completion

Bled, Slovenia

Miran Kambič

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