Intercontinental Hotel Sofia

The approach for this project is directed with the scope and depth suggesting this emblematical building for Sofia, situated in one of the most important squares of the city, representing recent history of the country. Alex Kovachev and Studio Idea International direct their focus on the historic meaning of the area, connecting it with the desire of change, hope, youth and free will. The imagination translates that, in the language of interior design, and crates the delicate installation (Harmony or Art and Light), which communicates an emotional veil above the whole foyer of the hotel. The wire sculpture of a girl and the cascade of glass lights, spinning along like soft dandelion petals is a metaphor of harmony and fragility. The finesse and elegance are combined with a dose of extravagance. The aristocratic modesty mysteriousness, class and generosity intertwine in the new radiance of the space.


IDEA International; Alex Kovatchev, Margarita Zaphirova, Stefani Daskalova

GALAXY Investment Group

Sofia, Bulgaria

Year of completion

Total area
2.000 m2

Site area
635 m2

Minko Minev

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