Integrative housing St. Gallenkirch

May 16, 2022|Architecture|

Variance instead of addition
For living and playing with the Rubik’s cube

”Housing means experiencing a state of protected weakness” – says Peter Sloterdijk – and further: ”In this sense, a good home is the architectural equivalent of love – it allows you to be weak in it without making it strike a strong pose”. Approaching this weakness with devotion requires intimacy as well as empathy and generosity. Austerity or even renunciation of pleasure has no place here. The rooms of the apartments in the “Magic Cube” are superimposed and layered over the storeys around a central “supply core”. This high flexibility of the floor plans results from the modular development concept. No apartment is like the other and if necessary one of the others can “borrow” a room. It’s like playing the Rubik’s Cube – just played in the opposite direction. Spatial purity is not sought here – the greatest variety is generated.



Bruno Klomfar

St. Gallenkirch, Austria

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