House H, Vienna

The family home is situated on a steep slope on Heuberg (Hay Mountain) in Vienna with a breathtaking view. Its archetypal form with a double pitch roof blends subtly and compactly into its surroundings. The house is a cross laminated timber-construction, which has been left visible inside and clad with a facing of pre-weathered larch-boards on the outside. The interior is split-level, making the most of the 80m² constructible surface and limited height – an ideal solution for the hillside situation, the view and the demands of the actual space. 6 staggered floor-levels follow the hill slope and are connected with a central dog-legged stair. A generously-sized living area at the top under the high saddle-roof opens to a spectacular view over the city, an open kitchen and dining room is connected to a terrace which leads directly to the garden.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Quality of space and reference to land- and cityscape. Much room under limited conditions.


pedit & partner architekten

Wood construction
Holzbau Haselsteiner GmbH


Year of completion

Vienna, Austria

Total area
175 m2

Site area
410 m2

Christoph Panzer

Project Partners

Gmeiner Haferl Zivilingenieure ZT GmbH, Mischek Haustechnik GmbH, Pokorny Lichtarchitektur, Bau & Erdbewegung Braunias, Installationen Kunz GmbH, Elektro Palmeshofer GmbH, Transformer Metallbau

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