Hotel Tims, Skopje

Hotel Tim`s is established in mid 90`ties as one of the first privately owned hotels in Skopje. Operating as a family run hotel, it has made its reputation with its spacious rooms and apartments. With the emergence of new hotels in Skopje and the raise in market demands, the hotel needed refurbishment and completely new interior organization, with more rooms that will differ in size and amenities.
The design approach focuses on integration of different types of carefully chosen materials, textures and color pallets. Wooden decors, marble tables, large mirrors and custom-designed furniture along with ample space and light create a sense of modern luxury. This classical though contemporary design concept aims to emphasize the openness and the clarity of spaces creating charming atmospheres and unique experiences. Energy efficiency as one of the main design points resulted in redesign the facades and installation of solar panels and smart eco-friendly systems inside the building. White mesh cladding and golden details on the south facade hide the predominant post-modern curved shape and allow the sun to play with its shadows along the day while glowing translucently at night.


BIRO 60B; Elena Pazardjievska Ristovska

Project collaborators
Angel Angelov
Irena Pavlova
Krume Anastasov

Hotel Tim`s Apartments Skopje

Year of completion

Skopje, North Macedonia

Total area
900 m2

Vladimir Mirchevski

Project Partners

Tim-inzenering Skopje, Proingrad Skopje

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