Hotel Mercure Debrecen, Hungary

The design concept is based on two main touristic sights of Debrecen: Hortobágy with its soothing, endless vistas and the Annual Flower Carnival, a colorful, vibrant sensual extravaganza filled with surprises. The studio wanted the region’s essence to come alive for the hotel guests, which can only be achieved by precise planning. Guests are consciously guided through the space by visual, artistic, and architectural focal points. The first impulse comes from a dominant, oversized element, and as guests move in the space, smaller objects take over triggering tactile senses and surrounding us with different textures. Flowers are omnipresent actors used playfully in various ways, with their colors and smells. A collaboration with local painter G. Nagy and pottery artist E. Andrási adds refined quality to the abundance of a multi-sensual space. The dynamic of a carnival originates in music. It was a challenge to recreate it but the studio used a rhythmic combination of lights & shadows instead of music notes.


Komp Design Studio

Bajcsy Invest Kft.

Year of completion

Debrecen, Hungary

Total area
10.450 m2

György Palko

Project Partners

Architect: Bord Studio, Contractor: Hunép; Painter artist: Gabriella Nagy; Graphic designer: Zoltan Reczey, Ceramic artist: Edina Andrasi; Unique Lighting Elements: Lumo concept; Hotel Mercure Debrecen: Laurent Clavilier (Accor), Eszter Balint (Accor)

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