Hotel Chalet Al Foss

The hotel has a story that needs to be conveyed correctly with the right marketing aims in order to create empathy and thus loyalty. The focus of the project falls on the hotel’s feeling mood, which is now recognized, but which we want to extend to the common areas. For example, the bar counter and the lounge, what is now a small mole of the hotel, will be a new highlight, but not only that, it must become a symbol of the hotel. It is an idea that relaunches the story the studio wants to tell, a story that is linked to the elements and materials proposed and that is expressed in many themes.


D4L Cestele architetti; Alessandro Cestele architetto

Hotel Chalet al Foss

Year of completion

Vermiglio, ITALY

Total area
400 m2

Daniele Paternoster

Project Partners

Bonfante Interior Contractor Srl Unipersonale, Rotaliana Srl

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