Homoki Lodge – Nature Quest Resort, Ruzsa

A rare chance to experience the culture, traditions, and scenery of southern Hungary, Homoki Lodge, a unique beyond luxury and adult only Nature Quest Resort, is located in a sparsely populated area of wide open prairies and big skies in the southern Hungarian Puszta, which was originally settled by the Magyars, who rode in from the Ural Mountains of Asia. Today, guests of the Lodge can follow in their footsteps on a variety of guided horse-riding trips that take them through flower-filled meadows, into forests and along sandy tracks that emerge beside hidden lakes.
Non-equestrian activities are also designed to showcase the best of the region, with opportunities to practice the age-old sport of archery, go on Jeep Safari drives to spot deer and wild boar. Lodgings, too, embrace past and present: authentically refinished farmhouses offer antique-filled rooms rich with history, whilst for high end Glamping enthusiasts, the luxury yurts feature modern interiors with split level design, canopy beds, and plunge pools on private terraces In the Restaurant, awarded premium Chefs take into account the traditions, heritage and rural peasant cuisine. Each day, the menu serves a modern take on Hungarian dishes, made from quality local ingredients including sustain nable produced products, fresh salads and vegetables, hand-picked by the Chef from the lodge’s gardens. The wine list is extensive, allowing you to discover premium selections of Hungarian wines.

GASTRO Design Award 2018 / Hungary
The PURE Life Experiences Design Award 2016 /Kingdom of Morocco
Responsible Village Tourism Award in 2005 Hungary

Registered qualifications:
Hungarian Village Tourism Board / Four Sunflowers
Hungarian Equestrian Tourism Board / Four horseshoes


Architectural and constructional design and management
Oliver Christen

Historian knowledge base and interpreted design
Birgit Christen

Oliver Christen and Birgit Christen

Year of completion

Ruzsa Hungary

Total area
100.000 m2

Site area
3.600 m2

Greg Jancso

Project Partners

Homokátsági Tanya-birtok kft, Teka Magyarország Zrt. – Mofém, Metro City Kitchen, SabeeApp

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