“Hidden Middle Ages” exhibition in the basement of the Bílovec chateau

The name of the exhibition “Hidden Middle Ages” is supposed to evoke the journey the visitor will undergo if they want to uncover the history of a place several centuries away, which has left a mark in the Bílovec chateau. The tour route starts at the highest point of the basement, and gradually falls, dragging the visitor deeper into the bowels of the cellar space, to climb back to the castle courtyard at the end. This concept and direction of the route is also a journey back in time, from the present to the past to the Gothic spaces at the lowest point of the route. The proposed exposition minimizes interventions in the valuable interior of the cellar, on the contrary, the selected materials, colors, and technologies have the task of accentuating valuable building and other elements. The main interactive element of the exhibition is light, which the visitor can partially control and search for architectural relics of earlier construction stages.


Opus architekti; Martin Materna, Adéla Kudlová, coauthors: WMA architekti (Adam Weczerek)

Year of completion

Bílovec, Czech Republic

Lukáš Pelech

Project partners

WMA architekti; Adam Weczerek

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