Head:Link is a compact dual-channel EEG and skin resistance meter. With five sensors attached to the head and additional ankle and wrist attachments, it sends complete data on brain and circulation activities that can be used in healthcare. Head:Link is a dual-channel EEG and skin resistance measurement device that is part of a more complex measurement system. The product line consists of a headband (Head:link), two wrist straps (Watch:Link), and a measurement data processing device (QX ED). Comprehensive EEG measurement of the adult human body is carried out by the Head:Link and Watch:Link, with additional products attached to the wrist and ankle. The results of the measurements are received and processed by the QX ED device (main processing unit) via Bluetooth signal. Head:Link is built with its own battery and flexible circuit board. The cover is designed to be flexible, allowing the sensors to be placed on any head shape or size.


REMION Design Studio

QX World Ltd.

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REMION Design Studio

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