Green restaurant – Konavoski dvori

Konavoski dvori restaurant is especially beautiful because of the Ljuta River, one of the cleanest rivers in Croatia whose source is some 400 meters from the restaurant. The river is a trademark of the restaurant and the best welcome to the guests. Konavoski dvori restaurant is located in the area of old watermills, which are recognized as cultural heritage of Konavle region. The area is defined as significant landscape in spatial planning documents and the mills system is protected as cultural heritage.
The aim of the restaurant in the future is to become the first green restaurant in Croatia, by using renewable sources of energy and organic food in food preparation. The energy renovation of the restaurant, which was co-financed by EU funds in 2020., achieved the first step towards that goal, and the interior design of the restaurant implemented a ‘green’ concept that uses environmentally friendly and sustainable materials that forms a harmonious ensemble between tradition and contemporary concept.


Proto-arch; Lea Đurović Ruso

Esculap Teo d.o.o.

Year of completion

Konavle, Croatia

Total area
1.100 m2

Site area
400 m2

Dino Avdić

Project Partners

TPC Hiša

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