Grand Park Hotel Wider Landscape, Rovinj

The Grand Park is a luxury hotel situated in the exclusive tourist area of Monte Mulini, in the broad-er center of Rovinj, Croatia. The project covers the wider hotel landscape, situated near a wooded park, and creates a unique and coherent whole with the neighboring hotels’ landscapes. The project is characterized by an interplay of terraces that are traversed by a simple and minimalist staircase, where linear COR-TEN steel handrails offer a stark contrast with the green vegetation and white stone. Through a sensible ap-proach to design and the use of geometric forms, pedestrian and cycle paths have been integrated into the area. Already existing valuable plants, such as pine trees, have been preserved, while the overall greenery has been carefully thinned out to provide panoramic views of the surrounding envi-ronment. The result is a unique landscape that stretches to the city center and offers a unique view of the old town of Rovinj.


Studio KAPPO – Studio za Krajobraznu Arhitekturu, Prostorno Planiranje, Okoliš d.o.o.

Maistra d.d.

Year of completion

Rovinj, Croatia

Total area
31.000 m2

Marko Sošić, Sanja Bibulić

Project Partners

Benčić d.o.o., Trojanović d.o.o., Luks d.o.o., Agenor plus d.o.o., Obrt za proizvodnju i montažu aluminijske i željezne bravarije “METAL – WORLD”

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