Gbg Headquarters, Chisinau

If in the case of residential projects the main stake is the comfort of the customer, in the case of office space design, the goal is to obtain an image that would convey the company’s message to the clients alongside with the comfort for employees. To achieve this, we followed the idea of using concise lines, which do not distract attention, creating calm and large spaces whose simplicity denotes professionalism.
Elegance and ephemerality are felt right from the reception. Large area in the shades of grey acquires warmth due to the wooden plywood. At the same time, the glass offers the feeling of transparency. Due to the generous surface area the offices are spacious. The minimalist furniture provides enough storage space for each employee. Classic frames and soft furniture were used in the administrative offices, as an element that preserves the general colour range, but stylistically divides the spaces. Due to the added shades of nobility, the administrative area is more impressive, but also offering more privacy.


Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Vlad Ștepu, Victoria Pleșca, Sergiu Tanasiev

Global Biomarketing Group

Year of completion

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Total area
1.500 m2

Oleg Bajura

Project Partners

Minotti, Madlab, Daytona, Kastel, Florim Ceramiche, Masiero

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