Funtkova Small Tower

We call this building »Tower with a view« because it provides some great views from the upper storeys. It is a small multi-apartment building in Ljubljana. Four floors – with only one apartment on each floor. Micro location was a starting point for creating an architectural image. The tower bridges and combines the scale of taller buildings along the nearby main road (Dunajska cesta) on one side with the smaller scale of residential buildings on the other. This is followed by design in the sense of a free composition of facade openings, which emphasizes the individuality of the house’s program and gives it a recognizable artistic stamp. With diverse, non-uniform facade composition each apartment gets some individuality. The brick colour of the neighbouring roofs is transferred to the cooper-like colour of extruded window frames, which brings the spirit and character of the environment into the image of the house. Academic painter Dime Temkov who was invited to the design process, created a 1 x 1 m painting inspired by the architectural image of the house, as his own and free artistic vision. In the final design, this is expressed in the characteristic form of the outer fence.


DEMŠAR ARHITEKTI D.O.O.; Gašper Demšar, Miha Maček


Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
630 m2

Blaž Jamšek

Project Partners

Katja Arhar, Dime Temkov

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