Floria Glamping Garden

In the vicinity of Labin and near the Lovranci settlement, our Floria Glamping garden project emerges – an intricate dance of dialogue. Three pavilions, unpretentious yet significant, take form, close to the ruins of the old building. Reception and wellness structures respectfully engage local architecture. The larger pavilion accommodates essential functions beneath – mechanics and storage; above, a café and practical amenities converge. Beyond, the pool offers a reflective oasis, while a sand court and playground cater to recreation. This composition thoughtfully integrates historical remnants – sections of drywall – to honor the past’s presence. In orchestrating this ensemble, architecture seamlessly interacts with the surroundings, creating a functional and contextual narrative, and amid this synthesis, history, and contemporary design merge, resulting in a canvas that celebrates the project’s role in a continuum of time. The glamping accommodation facilities spread out between the existing greenery adjacent to the vineyard.


Molozero d.o.o. Pula; Leonid Zuban, Dino Krizmanić

Tourism Entrepreneur
Natura Verum d.o.o.

Year of completion

Labin, Croatia

Total area
1.226 m2

Miroslav Dilberović, Rajko Boričić

Project partners

Natali Zuliani arh, Artitura, Labin, Maling d.o.o., Labin

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