On a rocky slope above the Vltava River, the classicist château Jabloňka stretches over Prague. Under the château, terraced vineyards with picturesque views on the metropolis form the dominant feature of the northern part of the city. Prague was once called the “city of wine” when the Vltava river basin was still planted with long belts of vineyards in the golden ages of the reign of Charles IV. Černý Kopec hill (nowadays Jabloňka) was no exception. After the influence of the Thirty Years’ War the Prague vineyards lay fallow and deserted. As a result, Černý Kopec was covered with apple trees, from which the name Jabloňka comes from. In the 18th century, a château in classicist style was built on top of the Jabloňka hill, which offered spectacular views of the Vltava river. Classicism in its aesthetic attitude depended on principles based on Classical antiquity. Its emphasis on form, simplicity, proportion and perfection awakened a romanticized memory of the Mediterranean cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.


Marco Maio Architects; Marco Maio, David Obrovnik, Kaja Likar, Katarina Kobale

Prague Winery Jabloňka

Year of completion

Prague, Czech Republic

Total area
100 m2

Site area
5.000 m2

BoysPlayNice Photography & Concept

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Cor-Ten Works, Jakub Ščerba; Lights: Sfera Portable, Brokis; Outdoor chairs: CTR – Tribù, Manual; Outdoor table: TAO – Tribù, Manual

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