Exclusice Suite – Gordonia Private Hotel, Ma’ale Hahamisha

Perched on a peak in the Judean Mountains is the serene oasis of The Gordonia Private Hotel. It rises like a micro-climatic paradise in the former communal grounds of Kibbutz Ma’ale Hachamisha. The design process was based around the principles that were developed when Ran & Morris Architecture & Design worked on the original suites at the hotel, 5 years earlier. For the exclusive suite, the designers did not deviate from these principles, but incorporated more intense colours and sophisticated furniture. The lighting fixtures and art are sources from leading local companies, and are placed alongside unique complementary items. The Exclusive Suite at The Gordonia Private Hotel also has a spacious balcony, where guests can enjoy a private pool, a hot tub and double sauna which overlooks the spectacular view of the Jerusalem hills.


Ran & Morris Architecture & Design

Gordonia Group

Year of completion

Ma’ale Hahamisha, Israel

Total area
150 m2

181 Degrees; Gideon Levin

Project Partners

Arik Ben Simhon, Tollmans, yugoArt, Renby

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