Elma Hotel & Arts Complex, Zikhron Yaakov

Elma is a hotel and arts complex that uniquely combines luxurious hotel accommodation with the best in international music, plastic and performing arts. In our design work, we realized that our main task is to reflect the language of the building and its architectural language inside the rooms. For us, it was also important to bring the spectacular view inside the rooms and thus every time the guest enters the room, he will experience nature coming in with him. Great importance was given to original Israeli art and it too was carefully selected and carefully integrated and adapted to all hotel rooms and suites.


Rani Ziss Architects & Rechter Arcitets

Interior Design
Ran & Morris Architecture & Design

Kerem Hospitality / Gordonia Group

Year of completion

Zikhron Yaakov, Israel

Site area
more than 100 acres

Studio 181 Degrees; Gideon Levin

Project Partners

Tollman’s Dot, Pitaro Furniture, Studio Ariel Zuckerman, Baram Media

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