Amblyopia (lazy eye) affects 3% of the world’s population and is the leading cause of vision loss in children. The gold standard treatment is patching the dominant eye, a treatment that suffers from low compliance, high reoccurrence, fundamentally monocular, and associated with a social stigmatism. For this reason, NovaSight has developed the CureSight™ system for amblyopia treatment, designed to replace traditional eye patching. The treatment is carried out while the child watches any streamed content from the comfort of home. By using real-time embedded eye-tracking technology and image processing algorithms, CureSight separates the content into two channels. It blurs the content presented to the dominant eye, according to the momentary gaze position, while keeping the rest of the image sharp. The lazy eye receives a normal, sharp video stream. This helps the brain to rebuild the neuro-visual connections.


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