Bauhaus house

The Nature and Music Bauhaus-style house reflects the daily interests of a family deeply immersed in nature and music. Drawing inspiration from these passions, we encountered several challenges that ultimately shaped the uniqueness of the project. One significant challenge stemmed from the contrasting preferences and characteristics of the couple. While one embraced music and the wild outdoors, the other favored quietude, art, and minimalism. This dichotomy presented us, Udi and myself, with the task of weaving a cohesive narrative for the house, which we named “Quiet Rhythm.”

To harmonize these contrasting elements, we conceived a design where a pristine white cube nestled amidst a rugged grove, creating an elegant interplay between clean lines and natural surroundings. The transitions between spaces were deliberately softened to evoke a sense of visual silence. Given the family’s musical inclination, we incorporated a dedicated music area that resonates throughout the house. Surrounding this space, we installed a relaxation area with hammocks, perfect for unwinding with a book while enjoying the serene landscape framed by expansive windows. Our aim was to accentuate the breathtaking scenery with a minimalist white design that seamlessly integrates with the surroundings, reinforcing the tranquil ambiance of the space.


u+a architecture and design; Udi Azulay & Ayelet Levi Adani

Year of completion


Total area
300 m2

Site area
400 m2

Eran Torgeman

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