Regina Maria pediatrics Craiova

The idea of the project started from our aim to create a space that is more like a play area rather than a medical one. In our first meeting the client indicated the fact that if would like to be a colourful space and indicated green as a preference in colour. We did not took literally, but thought about different thinks that came to mind related to. We stopped at the following series: green → jungle → zoological garden and so we came to a proposal called . Whenever possible we used wood as a texture to make the whole space more for kids. We think we have imagined a happy relaxed space within the constraints of the budget and materials allowed to be used for medical uses.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Playfull, kids friendly such that the children are not scared when going to see a pediatricean.


HeadMade Architecture; Letitia Barbuica, Sorina Simion, Irina Ilie

Centrul Medical Unirea

Year of completion

Craiova, Romania

Total area
452 m2

Ion Chirila

Project Partners

LB Decor House, Interior Resources, Ikea, Ax Perpetuum Impex

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