ELEMENTE Uitate_Uita-te

May 19, 2021|Architecture, Interior|

An exhibition about memory, values, heritage, inadequacy, forgetfulness, indolence, about detail, scale, perception. Elements – a decomposed look. After looking differently at what has been forgotten, after being shown differently, a different way of looking, an imperative to “look”, not to forget, look once more with a fresh eye, with an upset look which might make you reevaluate a work or even your own visual approach. We are looking for places that are frequented in other ways, different from the original purpose, degraded, forgotten but that are under our eyes and we do not see them or if we know that they exist they seem too shaky to do anything with them that we seem to ask quick burial, talking emotionally and reverential about, even if we were indolent with them. The subject is the person who would go through the place, it is absolutely necessary that the place is not a neutral and conventional one by its public acceptance. Porumbescu’s architecture taken out of its canon is revealed differently.



Beta Timișoara Architecture Biennial

Year of completion


Laurian Ghinițoiu

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