Electralock™ is the first and only socket-outlet with locking mechanism that efficiently solves the problem of accidental plugsocket disconnection. Electralock™ users can secure any Electrical appliance connection and complete their task without having to worry about accidental disconnections compromising their work.
Electralock™ is designed and engineered to offer the solution that is:
Universal: Any male plug shape/material can be locked;
Safe: TUV Rhineland GS approved and certified.
Easy to use: 3 simple steps for operating.
Efficient: In lock mode, resistance to 120N of traction force for >30 seconds.
Durable: Without meaningful performance-loss over time. Being this intuitive movement, it is of immediate understanding and natural usage. Electralock™ allows users to operate electrical appliances in a serene, hassle-free and safe environment. Electralock™ offers a solution that is safe and also sustainable because it will prevent damage to connectors and will subsequently reduce e-waste.


Electraline 3pMark S.p.A., Italy

Electraline 3pMark S.p.A., Italy

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