Located in a historical building of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Eggcetera represents a totally new concept – clean, fresh, minimalist, with a very strong sense for simplicity. The general lines of the interior aim for a sense of simplicity – fine, discreet, subtle through the use of uninterrupted surfaces – in accord with such a full of history area of the city.



The main intention was to enhance the food experience throughout the design experience – bright shades of grey and white, an open kitchen and soft touches of nature.

The main room of the restaurant is a small and vaulted space, a brunch “sanctuary” clad in bright, textures, colours and raw materials. Lined with corrugated sheet, microciment and slats of ash wood, the main room has a fresh and relaxed feeling, with a communal table, placed in the centre of the room to stimulate people to interact with each other while small tables with high stools provide seating for other pairs of guests.



Inspired by nature, the restaurant uses a mix of wood, shades of grey, white, and cement for a neutral and calming atmosphere. Touches of nature have been included also throughout the design, like the hanging planters suspended through the lights.





Authors: Cosmin Todor, Ioana Lazăr, Timotei Mihet, Alex Apostol
Photos: George Reuel Negrea
Client: Ioana Lazăr, Vlad Udrea
Year of completion: 2018
Location: Cluj, Romania
Surface: 49 m2


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