Eat & Drink Design 2018

November 15, 2018, 20.00
City of Design, Dunajska cesta 123, 1000 Ljubljana

Eat & Drink Design is a social event of the Month of Design, and it has been carried out as an independent culinary-design event since 2008. This year, for the first time, we will have an opportunity to see and taste the culinary delicacies from South-East Europe that will create some completely new flavours and shapes by means of joint creative energies. It will surely be an unforgettable culinary-design performance that will forever remain in your memories and hearts.

Restaurant JB

Tomaž Bratovž for Moldova
Eat & Drink Design Masterpiece: A memory of Moldova
Photo: Dean Dubokovič
JB Restaurant in downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia, is S.Pellegrino’s Top 100 World’s Best Restaurant. More on: Restaurant JB

Gostilna Krištof

Chef: Uroš Gorjanc for Greece
Eat & Drink Designer: Tomaž Bolka for Greece
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: Divja, ekološka, veganska sarmica
Gostilna Krištof Restaurant offers unlimited possibilities of culinary pampering in a pleasant atmosphere. More on: Gostilna Krištof

Kunstelj Restaurant & Inn

Maja Buden for Montenegro
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: Kunstelj’s cookies Balšić Tava
Photo: Žiga Intihar
Kunstelj Restaurant & Inn, located in the heart of Radovljica, is also known for the fact that the former Yugoslav president, Josip Broz Tito, was a frequent guest. More on: Kunstelj Restaurant & Inn


KUCHA’s cooking brigade for Republic of Macedonia
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: Over Mura’s baklava
Mi Kucha Su Kucha. More on: KUCHA

Bistro Marof

Benjamin Romšak for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: “PITOLOGIJA” -standUP snack-
MAROF bistro is italian tradition full of local ingredients with a touch of Mediterran, but still the quintessence of slovenian enthusiasm. More on: MAROF bistro

Oštarija Restaurant & Hotel, Dolenjske Toplice

Roberto Gregorčič for Romania
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: ChifteleTuicaSLO
Oštarija is a synonym for fresh, seasonal and locally produced ingredients that added to indigenous and already forgotten recipes, mixed with a pinch of contemporary creativity of top culinary team. More on: Oštarija Restaurant & Hotel

Višja strokovna šola Grm Novo mesto

Team: ​Nikoleta Lazić, Jovana Adamović, Jovana Novković, Manca Kavšček for Serbia
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: Serbian cuisine with delights of banjof

Poljska Pierogarna. Food & Beer

Bartosz Jabłoński for Czech Republic
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: Slovenian pierogi

Kavarna Zvezda 

Urška Šefman Sojer and Alenka Veleski Herman for Slovenia
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: Buckwheat apple tree

Zvezda is setting new standards of quality and fresh approach towards desserts, ice creams and other sweets. More on: Kavarna Zvezda

Gostilna Javornik

Jan Pevec for Croatia
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: From the sea to the oven, with rosemary and garlic
Photo: Dean Dubokovič

le Potica

Janja Štrumbelj for Albania
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: Albanian lePotica

Le Potica is the first specialized brand, which offers potica, adapted to modern needs in the gastronomy, catering industry and tourism. More on: le Potica

Fonda Fish Garden

Irena Fonda for Austria
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: Dunaj, trebuh zunaj?

Their love for the sea and dedication to excellence represent the guidelines of the family Fonda’s work and development of the company. More on: Fonda Fish Garden

Sveti Florijan

Sveti Florijan’s kitchen crew for Hungary
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: Leda and the swan

A deli, a bistro, a restaurant and a club, all in one. An all-encompassing place for get-togethers based on a humane kind of pleasure, one linked to sharing. More on: Sveti Florijan

Vander Restaurant

Elisabetta Gori for Italy
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: Carniola’s focaccia

Urban Slovenian tastes. It’s gonna be love at first bite. More on: Vander Urban Resort

Gostišče Veselič

Silvia Sopčić for Bolgaria
Eat & Drink Masterpiece: Belokranjska povitica


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