DV 1892 Project – House of a Cycling Champion

DV 1892 project has two souls. History and future rub, refuse and erode but are inseparable. A globally restored pre-existence dating back to 1892 gains a new personality today. History is not distorted but with a pragmatic restoration the contrast between history and future is revalued. It is the home of a cycling champion. Concrete surfaces such as those of stone and brick are brutal. These are the signs of skin still wet with sweat, the lines of fatigue on the big climbs. Tense muscles and tense nerves. The two reinforced concrete partitions are left peeling and their rusted metal devices of the formwork visible as new handholds for hanging trophies and photographs: tendons still pulsating and protruding. The project evokes the main entrance of 1892 raised from the ground floor and from a concrete and glass bridge you reach the historic staircase suspended on the bike that won the Tour De France. The ground floor is open. The 3-level upper level has a concrete and glass shower suspended over the staircase. Fatigue generates hallucinations. The living room and kitchen are open. The dressing room evokes the two souls with perspective vibrations.


enrico muscioni architect


Year of completion

Serravalle, San Marino

Andrea Martiradonna

Project Partners

enrico muscioni architect

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