We are a company that deals with the marketing of modern Italian interior and exterior doors.We offer products in combination of aluminum-glass or aluminum-wood materials, door fremes, anti-theft doors, sliding installation systems and special wardrobes.

Embassy of the Republic of Romania in Ljubjana
Neighborhood apartments Ljubjana
Private housing

Presentaiton of the products:
We present an interior door with a ”silezio”closure wich works without a hook and lock.

What problems do they solve?
We present the door in a different concept than we are used to.

Why should architects be informed about it?
Because there is something new and special at the same time


Product category: DOORS SOLUTIONS
Company: doorsolutons doo
Name and last name: Kristjan Kobal
Function: Direktor
GSM: +39 340 894 04 64
E-mail: info@doorsolutions.si