Door Knobs/Wall Hangers

February 16, 2021|Home, Product design|

These Door Knobs/Wall Hangers are part of VMD Objects’ Touch Collection. A unique element of this design is the versatility that it can provide, serving both as a wall hanger in various spaces, such as bath-rooms (as towel hangers) and entrance hallways (as coathangers), in addition to being installed as door knobs for both domestic and commercial spaces. The abstract and geometrically curvaceous form of these purely marble objects helps render them as adaptable, multifaceted and multifunctional. They are 4cm in height and 8cm in diameter and they are manufactured in fve different kinds of Greek marble: Kentavros black, Dionysos white, Kokkinovahos grey, Skyros pink and Volakas white.


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