Designer Baking

Fashion meets baking. Designer Baking is a two-piece set of kitchen stamps that will transform everyday bread, cookies and pies into small ‘haute couture’ baking marvels. Combining fashion with baking with these stamps we re-imagine the essence of ‘folklore’ into a contemporary form.

Inspired by the traditional quote ‘bread and olive’, STUDIOLAV designed a set of pyramid-shaped food stamps made out of solid olive wood.

Bread in particular has always been the basic ingredient for most daily meals in the Balkans. Bread decoration varies from stamping to complex sculptural forms that often signify different social and cultural events.

In this case the reliefs of iconic fabric patterns ‘Pied de Poule’ and ‘Tweed Herringbone’ have been etched on to the base of the stamps, which imprint fabric patterns onto baked goods. Descendants of great sartorial history, the two chosen patterns embody the overall theme of heritage and tradition that the project sets out to playfully explore and bring the ritual of bread making into a contemporary context.

A local craftsman in Corfu, combining new technologies with traditional craftsmanship, produces the Designer Baking Stamps.


STUDIOLAV, Greece & United Kingdom

Olive Wood Corfu, Greece

Year of production

Predrag Pajdic

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