Christmas Collection

The collection was designed with Christmas in mind but also with the outlook of being neutral enough to be able to remain in one’s space as a discreet presence throughout the year. It is referencing a wood spirit with familiar forms and figures. The playful nature of this project made us decide that, although some items could be more clearly defined (mushrooms), others could be more abstract (cones/fir trees) in order to allow the user’s imagination to unfold. The production concept specifies solid beech wood and simple lines. As a result, the items are hand crafted using lathe, as well as hand painted (acrylics) and hand polished (wax), expressing our love and respect for both natural material and traditional craftmanship.


Spyros Drakos; Spyros Drakos + Ilias Giannopoulos, Greece

Drakos Woodworks, Greece

Year of production

Stratos Neslechanidis

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