Isla Brown Corinthia

The total remake of the iconic “Hanikian” hotel, dating in the Mid-1970’s, is informed by the topography of its legendary location on the Corinthian Gulf, introducing a new identity. The formerly rectangular, massive, repetitive modernist building is now endowed with an organic form, inspired by landscape formations under the bright sun. The design concept for the new, 166-room hotel, highlights the material and sensual properties of its location on the northern edge of the Greek Volcanic Arc, besides “Sousaki”, a craterless volcano silent for 2.7 million years. According to mythology, the volcano is home to the giant Typhoeus, his open arms spanning east to west. Inspired by this embodiment of a volcanic eruption, the design introduces panoramic views, and emulates the fluidity of lava: The square volumes of the building become a stack of “pebbles”, as if arranged by the giant himself. The hotel includes three room typologies, with luxury guestrooms and suites providing indoor dining, two bathrooms, and a freestanding bathtub. Public spaces include a lobby, indoor sea view bar with a bronze sculptural countertop under an undulating ceiling, an all-day dining restaurant, gym, and spa, and a spectacular infinity rooftop shallow pool with bar and lounge seating areas offering extended views over the Corinthian Gulf. Overlapping curved surfaces create a visual brand language throughout, on exterior and interior walls, finishes, lighting design, and decoration.



Brown Corinthia

Year of completion

Corinthos, Greece

Erieta Attali, George Rahmatoullin

Project Partners

Elastic Architects, Technika Ike, Konstantinos Spyrakos, Jepa / Papagrigorakis And Associates, Archtube, Greenways, Aku, Timagenis Acoustics, Brattis Sign, Hill International, Dbd Athens, Almeco, Cocomat, Mexil, Valelis, Sarlas, Grammatikas, Peraki, Chatzou, Interni, Minu, Furniture Gallery, Enka, Myseason, Domolux, Deloudis

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