We kindly invite you to this year’s Design Lab – exhibition/festival in the field of Interior and Industrial Design, that will be held on 11-13 May in Greece.

Design Lab redefines the corporate exhibition by introducing the idea of the lab. This way, the exhibition is not a blend of different companies presented under a common roof, but it works as an entire presentation of innovative products that meet the needs of modern design. Design Lab is the longest-running exhibition/ festival in the field of Interior and Industrial Design.

The experience gained from the Design Lab team the thirteen successful events it has made so far, starting in 2009 (9 in Athens, 2 in Thessaloniki and 2 in Cyprus), gives the necessary confidence and inspiration, in order to see the future with optimism and a good mood, so that the event that will take place in 2019 will stir the waters in the design area, bringing a renewing wind that is so necessary.
By analyzing and interpreting the trends of the era – a time characterized by constant change and waste of power – Design Lab’s creative team organizes the “Design Lab 2019” event, focusing on presenting the full range of issues related to Design today, in Greece.

Having as a goal a series of convincing answers to the important questions posed, Design Lab 2019 envisions an event bringing together all the actors in the field: Architects, Interiors – Industrial Designers, Artists, Public and Private Schools of Applied Arts, Students of Architecture & Design Schools, Materials Companies, Furniture and Objects Design, as well as Manufacturers and of course all those interested in design. Design Lab will be held on 11-13 May in Athens, Greece.

By setting theoretical and practical themes, Design Lab’s Creative Team will be the target of a power-sharing and substantive dialogue of all involved, for a holistic approach in design issues.