Decimo Bistro, Skopelos Island

Located in Skopelos Island’s picturesque port, Decimo is the embodiment of a traditional Greek bistro blended with metropolitan references. With plenty of beverage choices and continental tastes, great emphasis is given on handcrafted specialties, based on local premium products. The owners’ eagerness to regional quality through an up-to-date approach, inspired the architects to follow the same “recipe” on the designing and construction progress. The search for local craftsmen in order to create a space totally adjusted to the island’s character was the initial goal. The next step was the creative blending of all selected traditional design features with European bistro influences, from various periods, adding a more cosmopolitan touch. The space is divided into three parallel zones. The outdoor dine-in space with customers’ seating, the centrally placed bar which prevails in the space with its horizontal layout as well as the auxiliary spaces, including the meals preparation area, storage room, and WC. Clean-cut lines and rounded edges create a modern sense, pointing out the nautical design identity. Great priority was given to the selection of natural materials, such as oak wood and Naxos marble. The addition of decorative geometric tiles, aged brick coatings as well as grey-blue shades complete the overall result.


Lab4 Architects; Harris Souliotis

Decimo Bistro

Year of completion

Skopelos Island, Greece

Total area
64 m2

Virgilios Tsioulli

Project Partners

Zambelis Lights SA, Viokef Lighting SA, Equipe Ceramicas, Rodios Pottery, ISOMAT SA

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