Custom-designed bus stops

In today’s globalized world, the question of identity and authenticity is becoming increasingly important. In addition it is even more important to keep the special originality and the richness of symbols and motifs of the Hungarians of multi-ethnic Transylvania visible in the heart of Romania. With this project, it is possible to show the uniqueness of different settlements. In the design of the bus stop presented here, the main idea was to create a formally modern structure that would allow the characteristics of the village or region to be expressed through folk art. Another important aspect was the question of timeliness and modernity. The decorative motifs, framed in a minimalist wooden structure, give freshness and impetus to the overall picture. By placing the folk motifs in a modern context, the dual lifestyle of the people living here is also expressed: modern, comfortable and authentic at the same time. Watching the subtle play of light and shadow on the laser-cut metal decorative panels, one can linger in thought while waiting for our ride. The bus stop presented here recreates the look of the worn Szekler gate in front of the tomb of Áron Tamási, the famous Hungarian writer and native of the village of Farkaslaka (Lupeni).


Korondi Árcsó SRL

Main contractor for wood construction
Korondi Árcsó Srl.

Lupeni Community

Year of completion

Lupeni, Romania

Total area
6,53 m2

Kovács Levente

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