CORBU Wall Hook

The CORBU wall hook is an excellent addition for the wall, based on a primary geometric shape with a bionic silhouette of a raven beak.
The hooks are made of solid ash wood, finished with linseed oil to enhance their appearance and protect them over time, or solid burnt ash wood, which further shapes the wood fiber. Their appearance is as simple as it is natural. With a metal anti-rotation mounting plate, the wall hooks are extremely vigorous and highly functional. Having two hanging points: one ideal for coats, towels or bags, and the second one serves to hang hook items, such as hangers or umbrellas. Functional object as well as an aesthetic accessory, arranged as a single hook or in a group. The clean lines of the hook give a timeless aesthetic, perfect in any interior.


Gramatschii Design; Gramatschii Andrei, Republic of Moldova

Gramatschii Design; Gramatschii Andrei, Republic of Moldova

Year of production

Ceban Sergiu

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