CLINIC L, Patras

The primary objective is to create a clearly professional space in an existing apartment that was exclusively home-based.
Primary role played the existing shell of the apartment building, which did not leave much room for intervention on the existing walls.
Synthetically, the area, where the physician\’s functionality and wishes played an important role, was approached from a focal point based on the modern character of a clinic and the simplicity of colors and materials.
The entrance of the surgery is in communication with the luminaire, so a transition was proposed in which the wood was used on the floor as well as in the vertical elements.
The design of the furniture in the office and in the reception area was based on the needs of the practice and the general sense of simplicity.


POINT architects Greece / Askouni Dimitra Architect MSc & Paraskevi K. Askouni, Civil Engineer

Private / Plastic Surgeon

Year of completion

Patras, Greece

Total area
125 m2

POINT architects

Project Partners

POINT architects Lighting Design

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