HOMU Rhodes Sushi Bar

“HOMU Rhodes Sushi Bar” is a sushi restaurant, part of the famous Greek branch HOMU, designed by GK SKIADOPOULOS during 2021 in Rhodes Island, Greece. The main concept which makes the project innovative, original and functional, was based in the connection of the following parameters:
• Design of dark, mysterious and earthy volumes.
• Creation of a cozy experience for the guests.
• Combination of three main materials: The earthy wood, the colorful and dark mosaic and the black iron.
• Emphasis on the artificial architectural lighting, with the use of hidden led strips.
• Use of instagramable spots.
• Asian oriented graphics.
The project was designed in one month and constructed in two months.


GK Skiadopoulos & Partners

HOMU Rhodes Sushi Bar

Year of completion

Rhodes, Greece

Total area
45 m2

George Pagonakis

Project Partners

TEKA Construction SA, Kritikos Associates Architects, Azam Wood Company, ABITARE la ceramica

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