This bookend, belonging to the “Heritage” collection of VMD Objects, is a solid, abstract and sculptural accessory, for the household and the office. Due to its weight of 5,5 kg, this bookend can offer a stable hold for especially heavy books. This asymmetric micro-sculptural object is constructed from glowing Dionysos white marble, and is explicitly carved in order to provide the impression of a twisted cube. The dimensions of this handcrafted Greek product are 12cm in both length and width, and 18cm in height. This object holds particular ergonomic interest due to its conceptual, aesthetic and abstract qualities, rendering it a freestanding sculpture, in addition to its obvious functional characteristics. VMD focuses on sustainability and durability in its design objects, while maintaining environmentally friendly production practices with the use of local materials and craftspeople. This bookend constitutes a subversive viewpoint on a necessary office accessory.


Villy Margariti – Dalacoura

Villy Margariti – Dalacoura

Year of production

Natalia Tsoukala

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