Elpida Hotel Renovation, Rhodes

The main concept which makes the project innovative, original and functional, was based in the connection of the following five parameters:
• Sky, Sea & Earth: Combination of “earthy” colors (the brown color of the wood), with the blue tones (the blended colors on the walls, the fabrics) of the sky and the sea. Selection of “wavy” 3d panels, referring to the waves of the sea,
• Creation of a refreshing, vibrant and cozy experience for the guests,
• Emphasis on the artificial architectural lighting, with the use of hidden led strips,
• Combination of low-budget plaster constructions with low-cost materials, such as the hollow sugar-cane 3d panels.
• Usage of the same material on both floors and walls, giving an homogenous vibe in the whole synthesis.
The project was designed in two months and was constructed in four months.


GK Skiadopoulos

Year of completion

Rhodes, Greece

V. Hatzikelis Photography & Videography

Project Partners

Sarikas S.A.

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