City Hall museum Sarajevo

The Museum of City Hall Sarajevo describes the rich history of the City Hall from construction, history, war period and 18 years of reconstruction. All thematic historical sections up to the wartime period are adorned with large photographs rendered in pixel art perforation on steel behind which “wall wash” lighting is hidden. The circular movement is symbolically interrupted by the thematic section of the war when the City Hall was burned down. A scene of ruins with remnants of flames, chaotically scattered burned books, and remains of stone blocks that were in the burned City Hall is created.

The next thematic section is the reconstruction and restoration, where the walls of the peripheral ring are executed in two colors separated by an impressed glowing strip – timeline, symbolically flowing with descriptions, photographs, and drawings of the restoration of the City Hall in phases. The central ring is a multimedia space. The focal point of the central museum space is the original cornerstone discovered during the reconstruction of the City Hall.


Studio Urbing Sarajevo; Amila Dizdarević, Nedžad Mulaomerović

JP Sarajevo

Year of completion

Sarajevo, Bosnia nad Herzegovina

Total area
470 m2

Anida Kreco

Project Partners

Co-worker: Enes Tukic
Illuminations: Jasmina Memic
Graphic design: Aida Redzovic
Contractor: Neimari Sarajevo; Ensar Mulaomerovic

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