Chapel of Resurrection, Poprad

The concept of the chapel is based on a metaphor of the finite world and an endless divine space linked together only by light. Everybody can decide to follow it or not. The architectural materialisation resulted in small intimate space divided from nature by massive wooden walls without windows. A window is a clear statement where the light comes from. We positioned more than 100 wooden columns. They are dense enough to create an intimate space for prayer and meditation, but the precise sun light penetrates the solid wall and starts the vivid play of light and shade.
To root the chapel to the site, we decided to use the wood of the same forest on the hill. Selected larches were transported only 20 km to produce the wooden beams and columns. The advanced BIM planning allowed the precise CNC fabrication. Four weeks later the trees came back to the site in form of the chapel.
Wood is a passing material. Because of that the concrete fundaments are creating a cultural trace in the landscape. The next generation can build a new church on the old fundaments and the original chapel will be still incarnated.


MArch Samuel Netočný

Catholic Church in Poprad

Year of completion

Poprad, Slovakia

Total area
25 m2

Site area
100.000 m2


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