Chalet Mimi, Oberlech am Arlberg

Based on Vorarlberg and Alpine traditions, the interiors of Chalet Mimi were designed to create traditional spaces with close ties to the area. Simple, honest materials are refined by local artisans. All the furniture and details were designed with respect for the material and its artistry in mind.

The difference lies in the details. Here, luxury stands for the little things – traditional Vorarlberg embroidery patterns have been reinterpreted. Hand-stitched elements can be found on the wall panels, lampshades, and pillows. Specially designed, handcrafted elements have been combined with carefully selected, precious antiques and accessories.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The luxury of little details, the use of honest materials and the refined artistry of traditional craftsmanship.


Interior Design: BIQUADRA; Christina Biasi-von Berg
Architecture: Patricia Ramersdorfer


Year of completion

Oberlech am Arlberg, Austria

Stefano Scatà

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