Cegléd Kindergarten – “Magyarok Nagyasszonya Tagóvoda”

The interior design of the Cegléd Kindergarten was realized in a harmonious blend of modern design and a child-friendly environment. The spacious, light-filled spaces, where natural light plays a leading role thanks to the large windows, create a warm, inspiring atmosphere. Special attention was given to the flexible use of the interior space, allowing for the adaptation to the needs of different age groups and activities.

The multifunctional furnishings of the group rooms, such as mobile wall systems and built-in storage, provide both order and flexibility for daily activities. The choice of colors and materials is based on child psychology knowledge, employing a vivid yet soothing color palette that supports the emotional and cognitive development of the children.


Abstrakt Műterem Kft.; Katalin Balku-Hodován, Bertalan Balku

Egyházmegyei Katolikus Iskolák

Year of completion

Cegléd, Hungary

Total area
1.410 m2

Lakos Máté photographer

Project Partners

Optisol Mérnöki Kft.; Éva Ádovics, László Ádovics, Attila Király-Tóth

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