April 29, 2022|Novelties Big Architecture 2022|

Acoustically effective LED pendant luminaire with LUMASONICS ALS (Acoustic Light Shaper) fabric covering. TRIDONIC Basic DIM wireless controllable luminaire with LED converter with luminaire lumen output of 15000lux. Light control LUMASONICS ALS fabric, with UGR < 19
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April 26, 2022|Novelties Big Architecture 2022|

Our innovative construction solutions enable easy application in practice and we provide support in every phase of construction through expert advice. In our research and development center, we continuously develop modern and contemporary products
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April 19, 2022|Novelties Big Architecture 2022, Uncategorized|

Aluminum panel profiles with barcode-style design, which allow the creation of exceptional, modern façade cladding applications for office buildings, commercial facilities and modern residences. The interesting selection of profiles, clicked one with the other
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