ALUMAXI is the fastening bracket designed to allow the easy construction of structures having unusual sizes.
The ALUMAXI angle bracket for timber is made of high-strength aluminium alloy. It is produced by extrusion, therefore it is without welds. The strengths are certified and calculated in all directions: vertical, horizontal and axial.

The fastening is certified also with LBS screws and SBD self-drilling dowels. The version without holes provides free choice when positioning the dowels. The low weight of the aluminium alloy facilitates easy transportation and on-site movements, while guaranteeing a very high strength. Completely concealed, this bracket for beams fulfils the fire safety requirements.

Designed to construct timber-to-timber and timber-to-concrete shear joints, both perpendicular and inclined. Ideal for use with solid timber, glulam, CLT, LVL and timber-based panels.