Casa Tetra

Overcoming the considerable unevenness of the terrain, the tetra rests on the highest level of the intervention area, where the prism is divided between gardens that create a biophilic experience for the residents, and allow the architecture to breathe in these intervals. The volumes were designed in a way to protect the privacy of the house without making it formally opaque, but rather, directing it towards the main view, and taking advantage of the landscaping that occurs between the slits in the blade to create more scenery that filters the part that would eventually be exposed. By dividing the upper prism, structurally there would be a forest of pillars in the project, which was reverted into four pillars that start from the same point, transforming this tree pillar into the suspension of the upper block, and also elevating the structure of the house to a sculptural element intrinsic to the project.


Felipe Caboclo Arquitetura

Year of completion

São Paulo, Brazil

Total area
2.300 m2

Site area
5.848 m2

Maira Acayaba

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Collaborating Architects: Amana Roveri, Bianca Monti; Interior Designer: Cristina Hamoui; Execution: Lampur Engenharia;  Light designer: Lightworks;
Concrete consultant: Vértices

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