Carpio 2.0 Ergonomic Wrist rest

Carpio 2.0 ergonomic wrist rest is designed to help you avoid wrist injuries related to computer mouse usage by improving your wrist position. Unlike conventional wrist rests that apply pressure to the Carpal part, and therefore compress the tissues and slow down the blood supply, Carpio reinforces pressure to the thenar and hypothenar part of the palm. Elegant yet ergonomic design lifts your wrist for about a centimetre to reduce the harmful extension. The ergonomically shaped silicone pads offer a perfect balance between comfort and stability. Additionally, the two PTFE feet don’t constrain your wrist motion, they rather enable Carpio to glide together with your hand and allow your arm to move naturally. Carpio provides a perfect solution for your wrist during the long hours behind the computer.


Amadej Tauses, Žiga Žalec, Slovenia

Deltahub d.o.o., China

Year of production

Agi Putra Aspian, Amadej Tauses, Edwin Yang, Metod Kulčar

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